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Arma 3’s Second Campaign Episode Available Now

Bohemia Interactive has announced the second free episode of Arma 3’s campaign is now available to download via an automatic update on Steam.

The new episode is entitled ‘Adapt‘, as players take control of Ben Kerry, a soldier who is trapped on the island of Altis following a Mediterranean flashpoint.

Episode one of the campaign introduced Arma 3 players to basic infantry combat and the narrative, episode two will open up the military sandbox further, allowing players to use guerrilla tactics as they face off against a stronger, and better equipped enemy.

“Episode One helped players get to grips with the basic skills needed to survive”, said Jay Crowe, Creative Director on Arma 3. “Episode Two introduces a whole new set of challenges, giving players more freedom and responsibility in the wide, open terrain of Altis.”

Arma 3 saw episode one of ‘The East Wind’ titled campaign released in October 2013, known as ‘Survival‘. The third and final episode entitled ‘Win‘ is scheduled to release in March 2014.

Arma 3′s Second Campaign Episode Available Now

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