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Apple Considering Game Controller?

Late last week a published patent showed an iPhone device being used as a universal remote to pair NFC (Near Field Communication) devices. This technology allows certain devices to be paired with one another within close proximity, this is similar to paying for your products at a grocery store with the wave of your iPhone. One of the biggest interesting details is the fact the image used as an example of pairing, is quite similar to a DualShock controller.

This controller may be able to be used with Apple TV, which is currently a mirror iOS device and also Mountain Lion gaming over the technology AirPlay. This is all speculation however as there is no proof that this controller device could work with either or maybe it will be implemented through its own designated app on Apple TV allowing controller support for games on the device.

Some Cheeky Patent Images

In the image above you can see Figure 45C, showing a simple iOS device being able to be paired with a number of video game controllers even a video game console, including the iPhone and allowing a digital gamepad to be displayed on screen.

Many believe at the moment is is unlikely Apple will patent their own DualShock -like controller, since Apple is more likely to allow their iPhone products to enable NFC game devices to interact with the phone itself. Within the image, the controller is most likely only used as an example of what could be done with this NFC technology. So it does not mean Apple is making a huge step into the gaming market, but it does finally show that they do have a strong interest in the industry, which has been something Apple has stayed away from until now.

The iShock Controller?

The NFC technology is shown on various Apple products that do not currently support NFC (iMac, Apple Remote), also on the controller peripheral. The patent continues to show the iPhone being used in a verity of different ways, being the universal pairing device which can be started by just tapping the object over your iPhone. With these patents appearing it basically shows Apple have interest in this technology, maybe technology that will be featured heavily in new iPhone iteration which already allows you to store credit card details using the app PassBook.

Would you be interested in an Apple controller? Or being able to pair controllers to your Apple products? Let me know below.

Source: IGN

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