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Analysing The Walking Dead Episode 5 Screenshot

Telltale has released their first screenshot of the highly anticipated Walking Dead Season Finale, Episode 5: No Time Left. Telltale earlier this week confirmed that the last episode will be released November 20 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & Steam. Are You excited for the episode? Well personally, this one screenshot has forced me to pack my bags and hop aboard the excitement train, to be frank, I am probably the conductor as my excitement cannot be matched.

Alongside the screenshot the latest episode of Playing Dead has been released, host A.J LoCasicio talks with Gary Whitta, who wrote Episode 4: Around Every Corner in the series and director Nick Herman. In this episode they discuss the final episode of the series, and give some hints towards what might happen in Episode 5 of the series.


Now from the screenshot above we can see Lee seems to be in either a lot of pain or has been fighting zombies all god damn day, he looks like he is on the verge of breaking point and giving it everything he has to survive. Is he on the hunt for Clementine? Does he need to kill these zombies to save a friend? If so he is doing a good job, as his shirt is already covered in blood, so let’s assume he has been in a constant zombie brawl for some time.

From the pavement below, we would assume that he in fighting on the streets of Savannah. Possibly near the docks? The pavement looks very similar, but it could be anywhere for we know. Now at the end of Episode 4, Vernon asked the survivors if they came to Savannah via train, could this simple question be to the fact that Vernon saw a massive horde of zombies heading in their direction? If we remember at the end of Episode 3, Lee and his band of merry survivors had accrued a big marching band of zombies hot on their trail, could that horde of walkers now be the very zombies Lee is trying to survive against?

Also Telltale has had some pretty gross moments occur within the series and some downright brutal kills, but this one seems to take the cake. Holding what looks to be either a large kitchen knife or a machete, Lee has sliced the zombies skull directly in half with grey matter and blood releasing for all to see. Could this be the most brutal episode in terms of gore and narrative? We will just have to wait to find out.

We are less ess than four days away before the finale to one of the greatest interactive stories available in the world of gaming, I will be reviewing the finale and am very excited to share my thoughts. If that isn’t enough, Telltale has confirmed that the Launch Trailer for ‘No Time Left’ will be released on Monday November 19, so prepare yourself for a sneak peek at the finale in the coming days.

Also come check out my reviews of episode one, two, three and four, while you wait and see why this series is one of my Game of the Year contenders.

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