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Ada Wong Campaign Confirmed for RE6

We knew Ada Wong was going to be in Resident Evil 6 from the various released videos of the game so far, little did we know she will not only be playable but she will have her own entirely separate campaign. Capcom recently confirmed this news at a preview event in Osaka, Japan. Wong will now be the fourth campaign, alongside newcomer Jake, Leon and Chris and will be unlocked once all other three campaigns are beaten.

Sexy and Deadly

This fourth campaign will bring back classic Resident Evil gameplay, involving puzzles, collecting gems and above all else, fighting zombies. Media outlets have reported this is by far the best thing coming out of RE 6 so far, which is great news after the shaky impressions left by the recently released demo.

More additions for the campaign were also announced including a new opt-in online feature known as ‘Agent Hunt’, allowing players to take the role as the enemy creatures in other storylines. Once players have completed sections of the campaigns, they can then return to take the roles of zombies, J’avo and other creatures to try and kill either their friends or strangers online. This is the second online mode RE 6 has confirmed alongside their ‘Crossover’ feature which allows your campaigns to crossover with other players online and have your controlling players swap around, adding in more interaction online.

Does this mode interest you? How excited are you for Resident Evil 6? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: IGN

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