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Actor Gary Busey is the Next Elusive Target in ‘Hitman’

Hitman‘s next Elusive Target will be actor Gary Busey, after the actor was voted by the fans to appear as a special target.

Fans were able to choose between two Hollywood actors – Gary Cole and Gary Busey, with the winner appearing as a special Hitman Elusive Target. After successfully earning the most votes players will now be able to hunt down Gary Busey within Hitman as a special Elusive Target called ‘The Wildcard’.

Busey will be appearing within the Sapienza map for 7 days; which is a lot longer than typical Elusive Target contracts. Busey will begin appearing on July 21 at 5 am. PT/ July 21 at 10pm AEST.

Hitman‘s episodic release structure began earlier this year, and Analog Addiction reviewing all three episodes. The three episodes released so far took players to Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh, with the aforementioned Sapienza location standing out as the best episode released so far.


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