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8 Video Game Abilities that Real Life Needs

Video games are amazing; they open us up to some unimaginable worlds, memorable characters and some great moments. They also allow us to be the hero, save the world from impending doom and slay the dragon that dares to frighten the NPC’s around the world.

They also showcase some amazing ideas and abilities, this ranges from something simple like the ability to increase your muscle build in San Andreas, to the ability to speak dragon in Skyrim. These abilities are sometimes necessary in a game, but imagine if they were incorporated into the real world?

Today we are going to take you through the 8 abilities in video game worlds that would be awesome additions to our real life world, maybe the government might read this and we can finally get those nanosuits we have always wanted…We can only hope.

1. Grinding (Skyrim, World of Warcraft)

Grinding already exists in some forms, most of which cannot be expressed inside this article without giving away free “good times”. But the ability of grinding is a main-stay in many games, from Skyrim where grinding can increase your level rank to get upgrades or World of Warcraft where grinding is basically the game.

20XP gained for reading this meme, you have now gained the ability to sense terrible memes

Imagine if your folks asked you to do the lawns, you finish and you see you experience bar raise by 20, realizing you are now closer to your next level. Maybe your mowing skills now just increased, meaning you can mow grass 20% faster, or your mower will now spray pesticide onto the weeds as you mow. This could be added to any of those really crappy chores we do daily like the dishes, ironing, cleaning the house etc. Wouldn’t we all be happier to clean up the dogs droppings if we gained 50XP?

2. Respawn (Halo, Call of Duty)

Pretty solid idea if you ask me, who wouldn’t want to have a cheeky respawn after they ultimately bite the bullet? Not only would it be great to extend our lives and our time on this planet, but we hope they will find a way to decrease those 9 second waits in-between lives (They are a killer)


There’s one thing we would have to worry about is spawn campers, those bad boys will always find a way to appear and ruin it for everyone. But hopefully there would also be someone using the ban hammer to avoid this pesky nuisance.

3. Roman’s Taxi Cab (Grand Theft Auto IV)

Had your car break down? You’re too drunk to drive? Your scooter realized it is a scooter and now won’t start because it is ashamed it exists? Well do not worry, why not pull out your mobile and ring up everyone’s friendly (Yet disturbed) cousin Roman? Within a few minutes you now have your cab there, willing and waiting to take you home…Way faster than any normal cab service.

This is an ability that would get a lot of use, plus give Roman a lot of business, way more business than his pecker is getting with the ladies. Basically win-win for everyone, well except for the terrible cab drivers…But if you’re not used to that already, than you have a problem.

4. Jet Packs (Dark Void, Halo: Reach)

It is a fricken jet pack; do I need to explain more? You can zoom and shit and be all up in the sky, burning birds with your booster rockets? The epicness would be epic.

It is

5. Detective Mode (Batman: Arkham Asylum)

Sadly the world is full of sick people, people who do twisted things. So detective mode would possibly be one of the most practical additions to real life, making it easier for cops to solve mysteries (Better than their usual donut eating lounging they do)

The only downside is that they would be stuck looking at a blue detective screen all day and miss out on all the nice graphics and locales in the world. Not only that but walking down alleyways would be hazardous to their health, with nothing but semen…everywhere.

6. The Dagger of Time (Prince of Persia)

Ever said something you knew right away you shouldn’t have? Has your other half ever asked you “Does my butt look big in this?” for you to reply with “GO BACK TO SEAWORLD SHAMU”. Right away the look of pure satanic rage comes over her, possibly even the raising of the nearby chair to throw at your beautiful face. This is a moment I know too well, at this stage it usually means to start running…BUT fear not, you have the Dagger of Time you idiot. One press of the button and you go back in time to amend what you said, instead of badly bruised cheekbones you now follow up with, “You look as gorgeous as the day I met you” A pure lie, but instead of imminent death, you now are in line for some possibly railing.


This would even give you a second take at job interviews, maybe a chance to express your rage at a certain dickhead boss, and then a quick rewind refreshed and anger drained. There are so many amazing uses for the Dagger that we gladly ask Disney to STOP any idea on Prince of Persia the Movie 2 and instead put the damn money into making the Dagger. Guaranteed it would be better and make more cash…Sorry Jake Gyllenhaal, but it sucked.

7. Slow Motion (Max Payne)

Ever had that amazing moment in sport, where you did something breathtaking and the few that saw it cheered. What if you could slow it down and really set yourself up to pull it off even cooler than it originally would have been. You could turn an amazing feat into something that becomes legend, all with the ability of slow motion thanks to our resident pill popper Mr. Payne.

This guy running in slow motion…No thanks

This could even be very practical, the ability to slow down your car in-case (God forbid) a person or pet ran in front of you. The ability to slow yourself down in-case you ever got into fisticuffs with someone who wanted to beat you to a bloody pulp. For even the dirty side of us, slow down the moment of extraction right as we eject your man babies all over someone’s face….Hmmm, might have found myself coming (pun intended) over the line there.

8. Invisibility (Crysis)

  1. Pulling down peoples pants

  2. Pulling the chair from underneath your teacher

  3. Stealing

  4. Spying in locker rooms

  5. Sneaking out of work

  6. Being nosey in other people’s conversations

  7. Wearing nothing at all


Invisibility. Nanosuits. Give it to us.

These are just a handful of abilities games offer that would great in the real world.

What do you think of my choices? What shenanigans would you get up to with these abilities and what other abilities would you add?

Hope you enjoyed this article *Slow motion thumbs-up, whilst invisibly naked*

Jamie Briggs looks after Analog Addiction where you can find all his latest reviews, interviews and features and also like them on Facebook. Also follow his daily life on Twitter @AnalogAddiction and his videos on YouTube.

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