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5 Brand New Grand Theft Auto V Screens Released

Rockstar have continued their reputation as one of the most likeable game companies around, by giving those few fans of Grand Theft Auto V 5 brand new screens shots as an early Christmas gift. They also reveal some brand new information from the upcoming release and we have all the screenshots for you, so stop reading and scroll down already.

While we have the screenshots here, we might as well go through them with you guys and ponder what exactly they could mean for Grand Theft Auto V.

Sharks, holy $#@! sharks. So Rockstar teased us earlier this year when they released the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V saying you could explore the highest mountains and the depths of the sea. From the screenshot we can see scuba equipment will be available for players, could this be purchased before venturing into the water? Perhaps one of the side activities could be to dive with the sharks? Either way it looks spectacular, this screenshot looks like a photo from an aquarium. The big question from fans and myself is, will we be able to kill sharks? Red Dead Redemption had hunting, could Grand Theft Auto V?

From this screenshot we see Franklin and his dog Chop driving around the fairly run down parts of GTAV. Could Chop be available for you to take with you in certain missions? Or could you take him for activities like a walk/drive to the park? This part of town does look like it has seen better days, let’s assume this is Franklin’s neck of the words, which we have heard isn’t the nicest place. That car seems out of place also, could he have stolen it? Of course.

When Rockstar said depths of the ocean they were not wrong, this appears to be a recreational submarine (The technical name escapes me) that are mostly used for small dives to the depths of the sea. Could this be another side activity where players can hire the submarine to explore the ocean? If so from all accounts it couldn’t go out too far, which would be a smart way of keeping players from going to far out of bounds of the map, but keeping it realistic. From the looks of the submarine, it seems like it won’t have any weapons and is mostly used for only recreational use, doubt there will be any submarine vs submarine warfare, but you never know.

Now this screenshot leaves me with more questions rather than answers, that is definitely Trevor driving what looks to be a fairly substantial airplane. But then the driver of the jet next to it, even when zoomed in is hard to make out, could this be Michael or Franklin? Hard to tell, but if it is then there may be certain stages of the game that allow multiple protagonists the option to fly planes. This could also easily be someone who is unhappy Trevor stole the plane (because I doubt he owns one) and is now trying to acquire the plane back, perhaps. We do also however seen another blimp in the skies of GTAV, still not confirmed to available for flight, but all signs point to yes.

This screenshot shows the least in comparison to the rest, but that red car that Franklin and Trevor are leaning on looks very familiar, looks like the car Franklin was driving in the first trailer and seemed to have stole in the second trailer. These signs would point to this event occurring early on in the game, another fact is that customizable attires or alternate attires is confirmed. Though it has been options in the past, it wasn’t confirmed until now. On the story side of things, Michael looks fairly shocked, could something have happened that is frightening him? Trevor looks angry staring in the distance and Franklin is staring at Michael almost waiting to find our what the caller says. Could Michael’s kids or wife be kidnapped? This is just me guessing, but it seems like an important scene.

There we have it folks, right before the big Christmas day we are given some great reveals and even greater questions for Grand Theft Auto V. With the release of the game etching closer and closer, have these screens increased your excitement? Well stay tuned to Analog Addiction as we bring you every big reveal as it happens, for one of the biggest games of 2013.

Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction where you can find all his latest reviews, interviews and features and also like them on Facebook. Also follow his daily life on Twitter @AnalogAddiction and their videos on YouTube.


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