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3DS XL Debuts with Strong Sales

Enterbrain (via Famitsu) has revealed sales data for the recently released 3DS XL over in Japan, nearly 200,000 of the latest 3DS console were sold within the first week. Since July 28th, 193,441 systems have been sold in Japan. The great thing for Nintendo here is the word sold, these are not shipped numbers but actual sold copies of the handheld to consumers.

Two become one…Epic

The 3DS XL released alongside New Super Mario Bros. 2, which has also seem amazing sales figures within the first week of release. 430, 185 copies of the game were sold, another positive note here is the fact that these do not include online purchases via the eShop, New Super Mario Bros. 2 being the first full retail game to be available over the service. So the number could be much higher than what we currently know, people love the Italian plumber.

Tomorrow is the day when Japanese software and hardware numbers for the week will be released to the public, but things definitely look impressive for the latest Nintendo handheld. The original New Super Mario Bros. which was released on DS went on to sell over 10 million units worldwide. Not only that but the original 3DS system has just crossed over 19 million units sold across the globe, Nintendo has once again found a way to dominate the gaming industry.

The 3DS XL has now also been released in Europe, though the sales figures from their territory have not been revealed as yet. The upgraded handheld will release in North America on August19th alongside New Super Mario Bros. 2, while the game will release in Europe on August17th.

Are you interested in the 3DS XL? Will you upgrade? Let me know in the comments below.

Source: IGN

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