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2K Sports Announces ‘NBA 2K14’ Next Generation Upgrade Offer

2K Sports has announced a digital upgrade offer for NBA 2K14, allowing fans to purchase the PlayStation version of the game alongside their PlayStation 3 copy at a discounted price.

Purchasing NBA 2K14 on PlayStation 3 in Australia or New Zealand will give the player the opportunity to purchase a digital version of the PlayStation 4 release for $21.95. This will allow fans of the NBA 2K series the chance to experience two forms of NBA 2K14 at a discounted price.

“We have spent considerable development time creating two very different experiences for current gen and next gen systems, crafting distinct features and gameplay offerings that uniquely harness the power of each system,” said Jason Argent, senior VP of basketball operations at 2K Sports. “In this year of console transition, our goal is to give fans the best of what NBA 2K has to offer, wherever they play – and we know many fans will be playing on both new and existing consoles.”

NBA 2K14 on PlayStation 4 will offer new games mode utilizing next generation technology, as well as an improved visual experience.

Players who purchase the retail PlayStation 3 version of NBA 2K14 will find a unique PlayStation Network voucher included, which will offer the aforementioned discount. The offer will be available until March 31 2014.

Stay tuned to Analog Addiction for our full NBA 2K14 review very soon.

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