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10 Minutes of Remember Me Gameplay

Capcom continues to showcase its latest announced title Remember Me, since it was officially announced at Gamescom a few weeks ago Capcom have made it a priorityt to show off as much gameplay as possible. Another 10 minutes of footage has been released, Remember Me is still in early form so judgments should be made with that in mind.

We are shown are protagonist Niin having an extremely tense situation with one of the worst chopper gunners in existence Niin is able to used her futuristic tech to be able to traverse the world to escape the incoming fire, from pulling down objects to block his attacks, to unlocking doors in her path. Navigating the world is very Assassin’s Creed like, finding the areas you can climb and then traversing in the same vein.

The combat also seems very similar to Batman: Arkham City and the recently released Sleeping Dogs. Niin definitely packs a punch, using her aforementioned tech powers to blow the minds of her enemies away leaving them incapacitated. She can also chain together combos, using her abilities to keep the combos flowing.

Niin has her hands full

In the end it becomes a cat and mouse game between Niin and her enemy, one on one she uses the environment to distract her enemy but activating a nearby fan with her abilities. Allowing her enough time to get aboard the chopper and use her abilities to steal memories from the pilot, causing him to spin out of control, before the demo ends.

The game looks very promising harnesing some cool elements from some big name games, but also being able to set its own style. We will continue to watch this game with optimism, before it’s release in 2013.

Source: machinima

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